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Prompt List (W.I.P.)

September 1

1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan/? , Mistaken for gay - he said, she said.
2. Sam/Dean, tattoos (matching or complementary) - "this way, you're always with me"
3. [crossover w/ Smallville] Lex/Dean, we aren't gay, we were
possessed - Danger in the night/a flame that never dies/in a world of lonely faces/you need someone to survive (BeeGees, Bodyguard)

September 2

1. Jared/Jensen/Christian Kane, hurt/comfort - cheesy.
2. Jensen/? , Woke Up Gay! - pink shirt.
3. Michael Rosenbaum/Jared, A dare: MR dares JP to spend the night with him in an old haunted Hollywood hotel - Breathe in the sweet fire of love/I'm not afraid anymore/Sweet, sweet fire/I'm not
4. Sam/Dean, Sam got something (not his ear) pierced while he was at Stanford - "Where do you think you're putting that?"

September 3

1. Jeff/Jared, The thought that JP plays his son on TV makes JDM so hot.... - "It's not wrong, it just ain't right"
2. John/Dean, incest - Love and fear. Everything the father of a family says must inspire one or the other. ~Joseph Joubert
3. Sam/Dean, public sex - Do you believe in rock 'n roll, Can music save your mortal soul, And can you teach me how to dance real slow? (American Pie)
4. Crossover, SPN/CW, Sam/Dean/Michael Rosenbaum: Voyeurism + Dirty talk - "You wanna see something interesting stranger?"

September 4

1. Jared/Jensen /or: Sam/Dean, playful/light domination - "Your ass is mine."
2. Michael Rosenbaum/Jared/Jeff, Hiking in the mountains
of Vancouver in November seemed like such a good idea... - Riding the storm out/Waiting for the thaw out/On a full moon night in the Rocky Mountain winter/My wine bottle's low/Watching for the snow/I've been thinking about what I've been missing in the city (REO Riding the Storm Out)
3. Sam/Dean, Dean's ring (rimming, finger sucking...) - "Secrets want to be famous like everyone else."
4. Sam/Dean, shyness (embarrassment; blushing or stammering; body shyness) - "Nice towel, Sam." [1st fic claim - blue_icy_rose]
5. Sam/Dean, stoned! - One of the boys is stoned and demonstrative, the other one copes, or doesn't.
6. Tom Welling/Mike Rosenbaum, exhibitionism - Tommy can tease too.

September 5

1. Jared/Jensen/Jeff, fetish - Jared's hands, Jensen's lips and Jeff's voice get each other off.
2. Lex/Dean, Fuck or Sam dies - Lex has Sam in Level 3.1 and
if Dean wants him back he's got to convince Lex to let them go.
3. Sam/Dean, protective glyphs/symbols - Painting/drawing onto skin.
4. Sam/Dean/Nick (and/or Carly, depending on your preference)(Supernatural/House of Wax), Roughnecks - "Nice car."

September 6

1. Jared/? , Celibacy - "I'm waiting for marriage."
2. Kal-El/Dean, an alien made me do it - Dean's hunting a demon in the seedy clubs of Metropolis and gets more than he bargained for.
3. Sam/Dean, coming without being touched - "Because I say so"
4. Sam/Dean, strip tease/lap dance - "Pulling you in, spinning you 'round, lifting your feet right off the ground. You can't believe it's happening now."

September 7

1. Chad Michael Murray/? , Sexual hang-ups - "I'm not really a kinky kind of guy."
2. Sam/Dean, accidental stimulation (proximity, friction, involuntary arousal etc) - trapped in an enclosed space until sunrise. [1st fic claim - pesha]

September 8

1. Sam/Dean, discovery - Someone who knows them finds out/figures out their relationship.
2. Sam/Dean, sex with aliens! - Tall Tales.
3. Tom Welling/Michael Rosenbaum, Well-fucked - "I can't believe we ..." [1st fic claim - earthquakedream]

September 9

1. Dean/? , Sexual appetite or excess (hypersexuality, i.e., high sex drive; sex addiction or compulsive behavior; short/no refractory period; multiple orgasms; multiple partners; indiscriminate sex or sluttishness) - "Seriously?" [1st fic claim - ebonypsyche]
2. Sam/Dean, biting - "Hungry like the wolf"
3. Sam/Dean/Andy, Three-way kiss - "Into the rush now. You don't have to know how, know it all before you try."

September 10

1. Sam/? , seduction - hopeless romantic.
2. Sam/Dean, post-apocalypse - surviving together - Sam has only one eye but sees more; Dean only has one arm but touches more. [1st fic claim - pesha]

September 11

1. Dean/Jared, Secret Identity - "You're a bad liar." [1st fic claim - blue_icy_rose]
2. Sam/Dean, knifeplay/bloodplay - "How much do you trust me?" (post S2 finale) [1st fic claim - ebonypsyche]
3. Tom Welling/Mike Rosenbaum, accidental stimulation (i.e. Mike petting Tom's hair) - "Hush, baby, don't say a word."

September 12

1. Sam/Dean, post-coital snark/bitching - "is this thing battery-operated?"
2. Sam/Jensen, Intelligence (quick wit; street smarts; Machiavellian cleverness; Sherlock Holmesian deductive powers; geniuses; experts; criminal masterminds, etc) - "You must be the strong, silent type, huh?"

September 13

1. John/? , Military fetishization (competence; guns, knives, and other weapons; uniforms, dog-tags, thigh-holsters, etc; authority; soldiers and rebels; paramilitary figures such as cops; brothers in arms as a romantic concept) - the few, the proud, the Marines.
2. evil!Sam/evil!Dean, possession - make them evil, make them horny. [1st fic claim - ebonypsyche]

September 14

1. Dean/Andy, Telepathy - gay porn
2. Sam/Dean, confessions - "I didn't think I'd ever see you again"
3. Sam/Dean/Andy, Getting high - "Feel the lick of bad religion"

September 15

1. Jared/Chad, orientation issues (confusion; discovery and coming out; self-hatred; two-beer queers; homosexual panic) - "---and you're bad at the reach around!"
2. Jared/Jensen, futurefic, unrequited love finally returned - Who was the first to spill your soul? Who got you off? Well, I'm the one/Dreamed of doing it day and night/ Oh sweet like candy to my soul.
3. Jeff/Jared, AU + Innocence: Nick Cave & The Bad seeds - Where the wild roses grow (yeah, alter the lyrics a little and Voilá!)
4. Sam/Dean, hot spots (a special spot that makes someone crazy when stimulated, such as the vampire spot on the neck, the backs of the knees, the inner arms, navel, or earlobes - prolonged teasing, and its eventual culmination.
5. Tom Welling/Mike Rosenbaum, pretending to be gay (a charade to deflect unwanted attention from a stranger) - "She's been staring at you all night, Tommy."

September 16

1. Jared/Jensen, marine sniper!jensen - "I've got you covered."
2. Sam/Dean, temperamental personalities (driven or obsessed; hot-tempered or testy; moody; misanthropic or bitter; abrasive) - "How long did you get?" "One year."
3. [crossover w/ Angel] Sam/Dean/Connor, demon love - "Um...That's my dad."

September 17

1. Michael Rosenbaum/Jeff, Cast as lovers on the CW's new drama set on the Oregon Coast, filming their first love scene... - Do you feel what I feel/Can we make that so it's part of the deal (Robbie Robertson, Broken Arrow)
2. Sam/Dean, sexual experience or expertise - I've never...
3. Sam/Dean, tickle fight - "It'll cost you a nickel."
4. Tom Welling/Mike Rosenbaum, Multiple orgasms - aphrodisiac.

September 18

1. Sam/Dean, make-up sex - The fights are getting more and more vicious. And so is the sex. [1st fic claim - gretazreta]
2. Sam/Dean, amnesia: "Hello, stranger."
3. Sam/Dean, virgins or inexperienced partners - "You're kidding, right?"
4. Sam/Other, Sam/Dean, voyeurism and/or make-up/reunion sex - Upstairs in bed, with my ex boy, He's in the place, but I cant get joy, Thinking of you in the final throes, this is when my buzzer goes (You Know I'm No Good, by Amy Winehouse) [1st fic claim - ebonypsyche]

September 19

1. Jensen/Christian Kane, western scenarios and fetishization (cowboy gear; campfire and trail scenes; horses; gunslingers, lawmen, card sharps, etc; train robberies and bank hold-ups; posses; saloon brawls) - Texas
2. Sam/Dean, Dean getting off on Sam doing his research geek thing - Google just got sexy.

September 20

1. Dean/Eric Kripke OR Sam/Kripke, Crack! - ....Only the real Sam and Dean were nothing like the ones he'd created...
1. Jared/Jensen, Masturbation - Jared catches Jensen and then joins in.
2. Sam/Dean, impotence - numb
3. Sam/Dean, phone sex - "You never act the way you should, But I like it" (Poison - Talk Dirty To Me)

September 21

1. Jared/Jensen, cum swapping - tasty.
2. Sam/Dean, sexual hang-ups - One of them gets unexpectedly squicked by something the other wants to try in bed. Comfort/coercion/convincing follows.
3. Sam/Dean, wet dreams or erotic dreams - sleep-deprivation.
4. Tom Welling/Mike Rosenbaum, auction - "And I promise you, I will treat you well, my sweet angel, so help me Jesus."

September 22

1. Jensen/Chad, rough sex - don't ask, don't tell
2. Sam/Dean, cataloguing the marks (bites, bruises, stubble rash etc) - "Hit me, baby, one more time" (various different songs) [1st fic claim - lissa_ann, 2nd fic claim - ebonypsyche]

September 23

1. Jared/Jensen, Role-playing - "What did you just call me?"
2. Sam/Dean, uniform - Sam plays cop to Dean's bad boy while on a hunt, and then afterwards...
3. Tom Welling/Mike Rosenbaum, orgasm denial - Mike's a real tease sometimes.

September 24

1. Christian Kane/Jared/Jensen, one time threesome to get the J2 together, big brother lecture/threat - "Make him happy, Jared, or else…"
2. Sam/Andy, frantic sex before you die (AHBL) - "So help me, Jesus. Give it up to me. Give it up to me."
3. Sam/Dean, coitus interruptus - It just keeps happening! [1st fic claim - earthquakedream]
4. Sam/Dean/John, Forbidden Pleasures - unstoppable

September 25

1. Sam/Dean, discomfort during sex - careful [1st fic claim - iniq]
2. Sam/Dean, scars - symbols of survival.
3. Sam/Dean, fuck or die - "You're going to what with whom?" [1st fic claim - pesha]

September 26

1. Jared/Jensen, first times - innocent. [1st fic claim - earthquakedream]
2. Sam/Dean, lap riding - Sam riding Dean's lap! Please for the love of incest! [1st fic claim - pesha]
3. Sam/Dean, sex in the library stacks - "First one to make a noise has to do laundry." [1st fic claim - blue_icy_rose]

September 27

1. Dean/Ash, geeks and nebbishes (Peter Parker or Clark Kent characters; computer geeks; lab rats; nerds; intellectuals; personal secretaries; beta males; sidekicks; men in glasses; oddballs and eccentrics) - mullet rock.
2. Sam/Dean, hand fetish (Sammy's hands) - watching.

September 28

1. Jared/Jensen, flirting - "Are you flirting with me?"
2. Jeff/Michael Rosenbaum, Toys - If you want a lover/I'll do anything you ask me to/And if you want another kind of love / I'll wear a mask for you (Leonard Cohen, I'm Your Man)
3. Sam/Dean, frantic frottage - friction burns.

September 29

1. Jared/Jensen, woke up gay - "Damn, Jared does have a fine ass. *pause* Oh crap." [1st fic claim - blue_icy_rose]
2. Sam/Dean, coming quickly (premature ejaculation or knee-jerk reflex response) - slow down
3. Sam/Dean, Sam blows Dean while he's driving - "Get any on the upholstery and I'm making you lick it up."
4. Sam/Dean, semi-public sex + first time + weapon kink - Someone slips some E to Sam's drink at a bar and....[1st fic claim - lissa_ann]
5. Tom Welling/Mike Rosenbaum, sex is interrupted - Maybe Mike's trailer wasn't the best place for this.

September 30

1. John/? , voice fetishization - "boy"
2. Sam/Dean, breathplay/asphyxiophilia - More. [1st fic claim - earthquakedream]
3. Sam/Dean, groping/Grinding in a club - "I put a spell on you because you're mine." [1st fic claim - ebonypsyche]

Please continue to submit your prompts to this entry.
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